Our instruction department gets to know the customer, his/her unique needs and requirements, and translates them into instruction that meets the customer’s needs. The expertise and experience of our instructors and our thorough knowledge of a variety of vehicle types and work areas give us the ability to carry out any plan successfully.


Our experience has taught us that flexible thinking and the ability to respond in real time are the key to success. That’s why at Tactic we’ve developed a wide variety of instruction and training sessions, including theoretical lectures, instruction on a sterile course, and instruction on live roads and off-road. Tactic can identify and customize the vehicle and equipment needed in order to carry out any job or mission.


At Tactic, our consultation department is staffed with first rate professionals. The department helps each customer identify and put together his/her fleet of vehicles and of course the necessary equipment to carry out missions. After understanding the missions, manpower and work areas of our customers, we make recommendations regarding the relevant vehicles, the equipment required, and the driving instruction needed so that the customer can carry out his/her missions successfully.
“Tactic is a dream come true - to do what I love doing, and to do it the best.” I’ve been involved in professional driving since my army service as a combat soldier and driver in a special unit. After that I drove large trucks and competed in off-road navigation and orienteering races. I’m happy to say that for years I’ve been passing on my knowledge to various institutions and companies, providing consultation and driving instruction for a variety of purposes and needs".

About us

Our vision is to give any customer, anywhere in the world, a comprehensive vehicle solution. Our vast knowledge and experience allow us to provide personalized service to each customer. Through the various departments at Tactic we can provide professional and precise solutions. After we thoroughly understand the needs and tasks of our customers, we put together a suitable fleet of vehicles, supply the necessary equipment, and provide the instruction required.

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Contact our office - we would be more than happy to set up a personal meeting, where we can introduce ourselves, listen to your requests, and put together a work plan that we can carry out for you.
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